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Development of promo-site – is one of the ways to promote sales. The main task of promo-sites is to encourage the target audience to purchase the promoted product or service,; to increase brand awareness; to attract attention to events. Therefore promo-site should carry perform the following functions:

  • To attract users’ attention;
  • To hold the visitors;
  • To form the image of the company or product;
  • To be attractive and unusual for users to sent out their references.

Promo-site may or may not have interactive information, but contain satisfied information about the product. For large and well-known public companies is permissible to demonstrate the goods without any words.

Promo-site from INTELICO in addition can also contain:

  • interactive presentations and screencasts;
  • static and animated images of promoted product (illustrations, highly-qualified photos, three-dimensional models);
  • chat (text, graphical, animated) and forum for communication;

The above means give the possibility to demonstrate product and its advantages. It is important to mention, that the main focus of company INTELICO in the development of promo-site is not the quantity of information but the way of its presentation.

The development of promo-website includes:

  • Registration of domain name (if necessary);
  • Development of technical specification;
  • Development of unique structure of promo-website according to your demands and our recommendations;
  • Development of bright and effective design on a non-standard scheme. In each case the design is discussed individually  after a detailed study of the concept;
  • Creation of the required number of sections and information units on the basis on the content management system;
  • Setting order forms and feedback;
  • Development of forum structure;
  • Setting of statistics counters;
  • Initial optimization of promo-website for search queries;
  • Placement on the hosting site;
  • Education with the content management system (2 hours);
  • Free technical support – 1 year.