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Business cards

A business card is more than just a small piece of paper with the contact information about your company printed on it. A business card is an integral part of your brand image. When you hand out your business card, you leave a representative of the company, a spy. It is the business card that stays there to remind your potential clients about your goods and services. A business card is a means of communication that can work without your participation and presence. Nevertheless, it is possible only if the business card was developed and produced in line with certain rules.

If you write down a telephone number and an address on a piece of paper, you may call it a business card as well. But this is a barbaric, primitive and unwelcoming card. It a kind of an outcast in the world of serious business cards. No respectable person will put such a card into the business card holder.

Design is what matters most in a business card. Strange as it may seem, but contact information comes next. The way we present this data matters most.

There are so-called “standard business cards”. They are of the standard international size, printed on conventional paper; the data is presented in a standard way. Your clients will find it difficult to individuate your business card from a pile of others, if it has no zest. When you hand out a typical, boring business card, you should be prepared that you will be forgotten. Such a business card will be lost among its similar “brothers and sisters”. In the worst cases typical business cards get thrown away.

The majority of printing offices and advertising agencies are ready to print a set of “business cards of high quality”. You will be offered an opportunity to choose between different paper types and several arrangement patterns (logo and contact information location). Such business cards have no design at all. Attention! A standard business card is strong enough to ruin your image and business.

If you are not a designer or a specialist in advertising graphics, avoid the temptation to go cheap on your business card and work it out yourself. Indeed, you are able to print do-it-yourself business cards in small amounts using modern office equipment (a laser or an ink-jet printer). It may seem that you saved the styling and printing costs that may please you at first. Try to avoid this mistake because business cards made in a dilettantish way will not attribute to the image of your company.

All elements of a professional business card aim at achieving communication objectives. Paper type, caliper, color and surface texture. The size of a business card is also important, as sometimes a designer refrains from standard dimensions. Special paper processing techniques may be used, including pressing, cutting and combing. A chosen graphic solution crowns all this.

A presentable business card is a work of art or at least a product of the professional design. To obtain a well-made, high-standard business card sample you have to get in touch with a professional designer. You may have an idea of your own concerning the design of a business card you need. Still it is advisable to attract a professional. Building a proper type and graphic pattern on a limited field is a really complicated task even for a professional designer. The graphic solution of a business card should be a tiny masterpiece aimed at presenting you as a personality and a business partner. Every person is an individual. Only an artist with the individuality can draw a vivid “portrait” of you and your business. A bad “portrait” can set at stake your success.