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Logo Design

One of the key elements of the corporate style is a brand (logo) of the company that is a kind of a construction to house all other elements of company’s image: business cards, forms, folders, etc

"The trademark (service mark) - a designation that promotes to distinguish the goods or services of one legal or private persons from the homogenous goods or services of another legal or private persons. As a trademark symbol, one can register designation which can be presented in graphical form: verbal, textual, numerical, graphic, color combinations, three-dimensional signs, as well as combinations of such signs ... "

(From the Law "On Trademarks and Service Marks", the Republic of Belarus)

Based on the official terminology we will continue to use the following definitions:

  •     Sign (an iconic symbol, index) - a graphic representation of the image, symbolizing the organization, object, product, etc.
  •     Logo - original graphic tracing of the organization's name, object, product, etc.
A trademark running through all products and merchandise of the company helps it be distinguishable and appeal to the target audience. An expressive, recognizable and sticking to memory logo will become a true passport to success for your goods and services on the market.

The main aim of the trademark, or a logo, is to build associations with a certain producer. The launch of a product heavily depends on whether the logo manages to do its job properly.

You have to approach the task of creating a logo with all required accuracy. A logo is to be as simple as possible but must include the necessary elements to represent the goods and services the company offers. A logo sketch must be simple, informative and unique. Color pattern and style of the trademark should be chosen very carefully.

Note that the development of a trademark is a complicated creative task, even if the decision seems quite easy and apparent at first sight. Depending on the scope of work and your requirements the cost of logo creating varies. You can order us the development of a full trademark, or only a logo itself, a symbol, or a whole corporate style set comprising a trademark and a number of corporate letter-head papers, including business cards, entry forms, envelops, etc.