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Corporate slogan

A corporate slogan is an advertising statement, a memorable motto or a phrase telling your clients about the services or products you provide. Together with other elements of corporate style a slogan also aims to unite all promotional efforts and achieve the recognition of the company by the audience. The company may use one and the same slogan in billboard advertising, newspaper advertisements, promo booklets, on business cards and web-sites. We can work out a special calligraphy to make the slogan of your company even more effective.

A company is free to use different slogans in various stages of the advertising campaign. Although a slogan is a verbal message its main target is to create a concept, not a literal expression. A successful slogan becomes an integral part of the brand together with a brandmark.

An effective slogan should be concise, hard to forget and individual. It should make a direct, crisp and apt statement and stay in harmony with the whole advertising campaign. A slogan is supposed to appeal to the target audience and refrain from being aggressive.

A slogan is a verbal formula of the advertising campaign and an essential part of your corporate identification. Besides, it adopts a distinct personality of its own to become a means of direct motivational effect on potential buyers that can be used with the highest frequency possible.