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Corporate or advertising character

A corporate or an advertising character is a fictional, drawn in a certain way object (man, tube, animal, etc.) that appears in advertising and promo materials to create a vivid, sticking to one’s memory ads and build a positive impression of a product and advertising actions.

One of the main advantages you have if you are using a corporate character is a possibility to stand out among your competitors. It may be a vital step for small and medium-sized companies operating on markets, where no massive advertising campaigns take place, and advertising budgets are rather modest. However, you should take into consideration that your possible clients should associate the advertising character with goods and services you produce. It is inadmissible that the advertising character replaces them in the mind of your clients.

In the frames of corporate style advertising characters are said to go back to protecting totems used by people in prehistoric times.

An advertising character is also a means to weld together the personnel of your company, create a positive image of your company among employees and clients.