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Corporate Identity

Corporate style is an ideology of company’s identity and presentation that includes a set of official products and souvenirs, including business cards, folders, etc. Corporate style is essential to determine the stylistic idea of the marketing and advertising communication of the company. It is also an essential element of corporate culture.

Corporate style as one of the main marketing instruments in the modern world is aimed to create and sustain a positive image of the company, provide efficient advertising exposure, boost companies’ popularity and build trust and confidence in your company among partners.

Besides, corporate style is a kind of information transmitter. Elements of the corporate style help customer find your goods and services. Thus, it makes a positive impression on clients as they feel your care in helping finding your goods.

It takes much effort to create a corporate style kit and integrate all elements related to the company, including goods, services, packages, forms, web-site, souvenirs, uniform, etc.

Main elements of corporate style are:

There are also additional components of the corporate style: